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Thompson died of complications from cancer, his office said on Sunday.
The officer is scheduled to be sentenced on April 14.
Prosecutors say the alleged victim's father committed incest.
Liang's conviction last night wasn't delivered by the district attorney. It was the product of thousands of New Yorkers clogging city streets. It was demanded at every march and vigil where his family, friends and supporters would lift his name.
December: Donovan Allen, who falsely confessed to the murder of his mother in 1990 at the age of 18, is exonerated by DNA
The toy rifle that little Naquan had that night, which was perfectly legal and could be bought at any toy store in 1994, had bright orange coloring and was not shown by Hynes. Recently, in a case eerily similar to the Heyward shooting, a judge recommended that charges be brought against the Cleveland police officer that shot and killed 12 year old Tamir Rice.
The New York Daily News reported in December that Liang and Landau's commanding officer, Miguel Iglesias, had explicitly
On Nov. 20, Liang and his partner, another rookie cop named Shaun Landau, were patrolling inside the Louis Pink Houses in
On the night of Nov. 20, Gurley and his girlfriend, 27-year-old Melissa Butler, left Butler’s seventh-floor apartment inside
“He was a healthy 15-year-old boy when he went into prison, and he emerged obese and unhealthy,” Perlmutter said. Additionally
As of January, Brooklyn has a new district attorney, Kenneth Thompson. After Michael Brown and now Eric Garner, how will Thompson handle the wrongful-death case of Akai Gurley? Like his predecessor, will he convene a grand jury? Or will he charge the police officer? Pass the case to federal prosecutors?
Gurley’s parents said Friday that Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson needs to bring back an indictment against Liang
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Young suspects like McCallum and Stuckey are like putty in the police's hands; they fold much more quickly under pressure.
The $150 million lawsuit brought against Hynes and his office for the wrongful murder conviction of a man named Jabbar Collins