kendall jenner birthday

Kendall Jenner turned 19 on Nov. 3, and she received the traditional birthday spanking -- from a stripper, no less. Us Weekly
While her sister Kim Kardashian admits that her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray-J introduced her to the world, Jenner needs
Kendall Jenner is all grown up. Over the years, fans have watched her mature from a wide-eyed teen to full blown young woman
Kendall Jenner is now (almost) all grown up, scoring book deals, landing fashion contributor gigs at major magazines and
At just 16, Kendall Jenner has accomplished more than many have at twice her age. When she's not keeping up with her older
Kendall Jenner emerged from her sweet 16 dinner last night (with sister Kim among the guests) to find her present -- a brand
It's time to give newly single Kim Kardashian a break and celebrate little sis, Kendall Jenner! After all, it is her 16th