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Barack and Michelle Obama remember the legacy of Aretha Franklin.
Debbie Allen is the writer, Director and Choreographer of Freeze Frame, a multimedia production. She is an accomplished dancer
A funny thing happened when the Kennedy Center decided to book Kendrick Lamar for a performance alongside the National Symphony
Elle (anything-but-a-victim) King was first brought to my attention by a Facebook follower via a message in that tiny box
I will never look at Mormon missionaries the same way, the next time they come to my door.
"When I was very young, back in Hungary in the ballet school, my teacher showed us a VHS with Julie Kent," Zoltan Boros, a dancer with Columbia Classical Ballet, said. "I didn't know her, and I didn't know much about ballet ( I was around 12), but I still remember how amazing she was."
They almost had to hose down the audience at intermission of Scottish Ballet's A Streetcar Named Desire at the Harris Theater in Chicago on Thursday night. Erik Cavallari's Stanley had just had make-up sex with Sophie Martin's Stella, and choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's imaginative way with the erotic pas de deux had everyone hot and bothered.