In the life of the church, Advent is a season of waiting -- waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Advent is also a season of hope as the church lives in the hope that Jesus brings. Throughout our lives, we experience seasons of waiting of differing time periods and intensities.
Diplomacy, devoid of ego or arrogance, is the greatest way to heal the relationships in our global family. Kenneth is free, but others remain prisoners of circumstances and conflict around the world. Let us work together and be the change that brings them home.
We are grateful to have been able to help in the release efforts of Kenneth Bae. As we worked with the Bae family during this past year, their hard work, dedication, and love were punctuated by Bae's release this past weekend.
Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller are on their way home to America after being detained in North Korea for more than two
As we celebrate the release of Jeffrey Fowle, we remain deeply concerned for Matthew Miller and Kenneth Bae, the two other Americans still in prison in North Korea.
The reality of the Korean peninsula is, of course, vastly more complicated than these either-or contrasts. Stop thinking of the peninsula as two completely distinct halves, with barbed wire running down the middle.