kenneth copeland

The Texas-based preacher suggested that he would be surrounded by demonic forces on commercial planes and argued that God wants Christians to be wealthy.
“Inoculate yourself with the word of God," says Gloria Copeland.
There are reports that one of the richest television evangelists, Ken Copeland, and his wife have declared that anyone who
Got PTSD? If you have enough faith, if you truly believe, televangelist Kenneth Copeland asserts you can get over it, right now! The Bible tells you so. So... are you feeling better yet? No? You're not the only one.
“But for them to denigrate the suffering of men and women traumatized by war — and to claim biblical support for their callow
On Thursday (Jan. 6), he released a final 61-page review that said evangelists Benny Hinn of Texas and Joyce Meyer of Missouri