Kenneth Starr

If confirmed, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, could shift the court more conservative for many years.
Baylor University has just been denounced in a blistering report by the university's Board of Regents for "mishandling" -- covering up might be a more apt description -- credible allegations of sexual violence against female students, especially by members of the football team.
As Baylor's president from 2010 to 2016, the vexing question is the level of Starr's culpability for the "shocking," "outrageous
Oregon State cared more about football and money than my mom. I know that my mom wanted to kill herself, and I know that she almost did. And all because other people decided that football, money and reputation was more important than me and my brother having a mother.
Reviewers are not expected to be kind but to be fair. Every once in a while, though, a reviewer feels the need to be kind. Clinton The Musical (note no colon) has generated that feeling in me.
On Jan. 7, 1999, for only the second time in U.S. history, the Senate began impeachment proceedings against a sitting president
The PBS presentation spent 75 percent of the four hours reporting on 25 percent of the story, the issue of "scandal," omitting the substance and policy achievements of the Clinton presidency, issues that affected the lives of most Americans and that they care about most.
This nearly four-hour documentary by Barak Goodman, a long-time "American Experience" producer and director, is a smear job, though more the death-by-a-thousand-cuts approach than a straight-ahead takedown.
Visitors to the Fifth Avenue penthouse were enjoying cocktails, canap Read more on
"His businesses are now defunct, most of his friends and family have abandoned him, and he has effectively lost his home
Kenneth Starr is losing lawyers as quickly as he allegedly lost his A-list clients' money in a $30 million Ponzi scheme. At
You probably recognize Jim Norton as the unofficial "third mic" on "The Opie and Anthony Show" on Sirius Radio, or any of
According to the New York Post, How the mighty have fallen. Kenneth Starr, financial advisor to the stars, was appointed
Flamboyant accountant Kenneth Starr spent the last decade stuffing dollars into politicians' pockets, including gubernatorial
Harvey Weinstein: After months of negotiations, the Weinstein brothers' attempt to regain control of Miramax fell apart this
(This Kenneth Starr is not the prosecutor who investigated former President Bill Clinton.) Much like Bernard L. Madoff, who
The list of Kenneth Starr's clients reads like the seating chart at the Oscars. Before his arrest for allegedly running a
Passage danced under the name "Chase" before marrying Starr and becoming a movie and music producer. Diane Passage, a former
Snipes, the star of the "Blade" movies, was convicted in Florida of three counts of failing to file tax returns. He was cleared
Obama needs to keep the Senate queue full of judicial nominations and use the bully pulpit to demand timely confirmation. Judge confirmations and GOP obstruction should be a mid-term campaign issue.