Kent State University

The student who posted the photo called Carrey's depiction "disgusting."
“I’ve got two words that I want you all to remember ... I'm Batman."
In a legal settlement the school must also pay for security, a bill likely to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
By John Grabowski, Case Western Reserve University In 1997, a student I taught while I was a Fulbright scholar in Turkey
“Violent protesters who shut down free speech? Time for another Kent State perhaps. One bullet stops a lot of thuggery,” he had said.
"One bullet stops a lot of thuggery," tweets Dan Adamini in the wake of Berkeley demonstration against Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos.
The decision by a black director to cast a white actor as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in a production at Ohio's Kent State
Thinking I'd write a piece on the 45th anniversary of the deaths at Kent State, I realized I'd already written it -- five years ago. There's not a lot I'd change in this, although there's some comfort in the knowledge that unemployment has dropped from the 9.9 percent of 2010
Fashion is becoming an industry that more and more people want to be a part of. But the long held belief that the only way you can be involved in the industry is if you're a designer or model has flown way out the window.
Urban Outfitters came out with a new faux-vintage Kent State University sweatshirt bearing red paint splatter marks that very much resemble blood stains.
Welcome to Thrive on Live with @CaroMT. Colleges turn to our furry friends to help students with the stress of finals. What real impact do pups have on the education process?
Thank you for letting me reminisce about my earlier speech to KSU grads. Perhaps some of the parents in the room can relate
This magazine challenges the boundaries set by our predominately heterosexual and cisgender society. It's brazen, and it's brilliant! I would encourage every college campus worldwide to follow Kent State's lead and begin its own Fusion-style magazine.
edX, a non-profit MOOC operator from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, saw 370,000 students enroll this