Kentucky Democratic Party

The state wanted people who it suspected had moved — around 175,000 people — to jump through additional hoops at the polls if they wanted to vote.
In total, 25 state lawmakers have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct and are running for re-election.
Did you hear the one about the Kentucky GOP candidate who asked his attorney general to investigate the state Democratic Party for allegedly sending out his Social Security number to thousands of constituents? Sorry to say, there's no punch line here, because according to recent reports, it actually happened.
Two attractive contenders, state Attorney General Jack Conway and former Auditor Crit Luallen, want to run for governor. And
Just like in other recent political scandals, the first bit of news breaking from YouTube and social networks on Bob Farmer's jokes about Eastern Kentuckians has sparked a flood of additional information about Farmer on the internet.
I've spent nearly 30 years around the financial business. I've known a lot of "paper gurus" who can talk a decent game but really don't practice what they preach.
Pete Mahurin is the kind of person I want to 'move my money" to. He started life in Short Creek, Kentucky with hopes, dreams
In April, Al Cross is being inducted in the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame. No one worked harder or longer to gather all the nuances of a story than Al Cross.
I would like to participate in Arianna's movement but I am way ahead of her. Since age 16, I have always banked in community banks. You will be doing yourself, and all of America, a favor when you tell the big banks to kiss off.