Kentucky Derby

It's the largest crowd to gather at a U.S. sporting event since the coronavirus pandemic began.
Workers at Churchill Downs, horse racing’s most iconic racetrack, say their company is refusing to grant modest raises and pension increases.
The thoroughbred had just finished a fast workout ahead of the May 1 race.
The Kentucky Turtle Derby will feature thoroughbreds like Sir-Hides-A-Bunch, American Toruga and Galapa-GO! in the field.
Famed trainer Jason Servis is among those accused of doping his horses, including Maximum Security, who briefly won last year’s Kentucky Derby.
A lawyer says another horse crowded Maximum Security and may have clipped him, forcing the initial winner to "jump out of the way."
“We were stunned, shocked and in complete disbelief," Gary West said of his horse's disqualification.
Maximum Security's controversial loss to Country House has earned its own internet fame.
Second-place horse, 65-1 longshot Country House, grabs victory after judges rule Maximum Security impeded other horses during the race.
There were plenty of feathers, flowers and even a few plush horses.