This steep gain coincided with the state's successful implementation of new K-12 standards that were established in partnership with higher education.
In eastern Kentucky, many children lack the tools to escape the depths of poverty due to the struggling educational structures in place.
Invest in broke schools. Years of education cuts have made Kentucky the 14th worst state in school funding, according to
"It's something that we haven't done a particularly good job about over the past 12 years," Sargrad said. Education Trust
A similarly selfless teacher made headlines last June in Dallas, Texas, where kindergarten teacher Marie Bell donated a kidney
A 2010 study by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) showed the U.S. history testing scores are "stagnant
There's been concern elsewhere about how the Common Core standards will affect what teachers teach. Ideally, the new standards
Last month, South Carolina teacher Laurie Humphrey was removed from the classroom for a sign placed in her classroom that
We need to be active and involved with our children as they go through the crucial years of schooling. Involvement comes in many forms from volunteering at school, to having a quiet place for them to do their homework .
As Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the U.S., it's critical that we invest in the institutions that are building up this skilled workforce in America.