kentucky state police

Daniel Cameron said Kenneth Walker shot an officer in the leg as police were serving a warrant on Taylor's home. Multiple reports say evidence doesn't back his claim.
Police seized 90 dogs from the Trixie Foundation shelter, which identifies itself as a no-kill shelter and an “Eden” for animals.
Phillip Todd Wilson, 54, faces 17 charges of child pornography possession and distribution.
The Lexington complex has accounted for almost half of the state's jailbreaks in recent years.
She said Randy is known to many people locally, and that he has no enemies she's aware of. "We got some guys working on it
If your employer can prove that you spend 63 percent of your time on social media, it doesn't make any difference how productive you are during the other 37 percent of the day. Judges, juries and arbitrators are going to look unfavorably on your cause.