kepler planets

No one has found E.T. yet, but we may be getting closer.
Columbia University astronomers suggest a new way we might grab the attention of alien civilizations.
  Update: 12:18 p.m. -- NASA's Kepler mission team revealed during a teleconference (above) that an alien planet similar
(Story continues below image.) lllustration of the orbit of Kepler-432b (inner, red) in comparison to the orbit of Mercury
To be clear, Kepler-421b does not have the longest year of any known alien planet. Many nontransiting worlds have much more
Kepler searches for planets by measuring stellar brightness dips caused when a planet passes in front of a star, briefly
Kepler-78b is just 20 percent wider and about 80 percent more massive than our planet, with a density nearly identical to
Since red dwarfs are relatively cool, their habitable zones are often closer than the distance at which Mercury orbits the