Popular home chefs across cities tell HuffPost India how they have adapted to the “new normal."
Thousands remain stranded on rooftops after unprecedented monsoon flooding in Kerala.
As the rare virus claims more lives in the Indian state of Kerala, concerns have been raised about the potential of Nipah to become a global health emergency.
12. Jew Town, where, at Sarah's Hand Embroidery Shop, you'll find Sarah Cohen, one of the last 5 remaining Cochin Jews, purported
A photo blog of a day on a dreamboat.. a day cruising the back waters of Gods Country Kerala in a House boat... fresh fish and toddy for lunch!
We sure are going to miss our breakfast and dinner talks on their patio, our own personal french press coffees in the morning
1. Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling - Gloucester, England With over 150 films shown a day, Cannes is nothing if not frantic. Still
BACKWATERS EXPERIENCE An hour and a half drive from Kochi brought us to the famed backwaters at Kumarakom, at the edge of
Television images showed people, some clutching children with burn injuries, being taken to hospitals.
KOCHI, India -- When the basic needs of life are denied, resentment against the "other" can fester. Racial, ethnic and religious divisions can be exploited and can erupt into communal violence. But in Kerala, where equality and development are driving forces, peace has become ingrained.