These principles are not new, but they have gained additional significance by being presented as an American package. Resolution
The Syrian ceasefire deal concluded by the US and Russia will be present at the UN General Assembly summit attended by world
"If some of you were hoping for Beyoncé, I'm sorry, here I am," John Kerry said, explaining why he left all the crises of
Too bad Donald Trump isn't going to deliver a keynote at next week's World Economic Forum in Davos. But the Americans have been less keen on Davos for years.
The announcement came on Saturday after months of secret negotiations.
LE BOURGET, France (AP) — The final text of an international pact to fight global warming was expected to be released within
Pursuing peace remains a worthy -- indeed, the only sensible -- goal of U.S. foreign policy in Syria. No one should be surprised, however, if Washington's embrace of that goal comes too late.
"We need at least five minutes for the oohing and ahhing over the coats."
WASHINGTON -- A group of 19 senators led by Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday
The truth is coming out and Netanyahu's attempts to correct his errors will do little to change what the world has now finally come to understand, namely that Israel is neither a democracy nor that its five-decades old occupation of four million Palestinians is the fault of the occupied rather than the occupier.
"What we're pushing for is to get him (Assad) to come and do that, and it may require that there be increased pressure on
He told reporters that that Iran, whose disagreement with six world powers over how fast sanctions should be dropped is one
Following a week of deadly shootings, nearly 4 million people took a stand and marched against terrorism on Sunday, the largest public gathering in France's history. Over 40 of the world's top leaders marched together in solidarity. We should've been there.
President Barack Obama spoke Wednesday on U.S. relations with Cuba, hours after American Alan Gross was released from Cuban prison, where he'd been for five years.
The administration appears to have lost its collective mind. The president has added ground forces to the battle in Iraq and the military has suggested introducing thousands more. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel might be lucky having been left at the curb.
"It turns out that even when a British Muslim decapitates a British Christian, there will always be someone to blame the