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The secretary of state boldly predicts the deal will have a 90 percent approval rating by 2017.
Just a few months ago, Obama defended the slow and deliberate pace of his Syrian policy in a New Yorker interview, noting
In Moscow, Russia's parliament urged the United States not to strike Syria, saying in a unanimous declaration that military
Secretary of State John Kerry will spend much of Wednesday meeting with senior members of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, as he attempts to press the case for U.S. engagement in Syria.
On Monday, Kissinger told CNN he supports President Obama's request for authorization of the use of military force in Syria
LONDON, Sept 9 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was making a rhetorical comment when he said on Monday that
After putting a decision to launch military strikes on Syria into the hands of Congress, President Barack Obama is doing what his critics have long accused him of failing to do: reaching out, personally and aggressively, to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
* Implications for other priorities in the region The aide said the Democratic chairmen of relevant Senate committees were