ketanji brown jackson

The far-right commentator said the former first lady and other supporters of affirmative action lacked the "brain processing power" to succeed on their own.
Research is pretty clear on how race affects health care — the question is how to remedy it.
The decision makes it more difficult for some to fight their convictions after sentencing.
Herwig, the president’s longest-serving senior counsel, has been a driving force behind his success in diversifying the nation's courts.
The former public defender dissented with the court's decision not to take the case of a death row inmate who wasn’t given evidence during his trial.
Although junior justices can oftentimes feel overwhelmed, the high court's newest member was extremely engaged in proceedings.
In her second full day of hearings, the new justice sought to set the historical record straight by arguing in support of a race-conscious Voting Rights Act.
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson says she has “a seat at the table now and I’m ready to work,” leaning into her history-making role as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.
Heading into the midterm elections, the president is celebrating his historic court pick as Democrats tout their success in confirming federal judges.