The esteemed magazine Scientific American is partnering with an industry-backed PR effort.
A closer look at Ketchum's past and current activities turns up more reasons that purpose-driven organic and natural food companies might want to steer clear of Ketchum's "Cultivate" branch.
Yanukovych "switched sides away from the purpose of the center," Podesta told HuffPost. While "the situation in Ukraine continues
When I started I had a dream that to change the story of homelessness and get people into housing we would need to partner with new people and reach new stakeholders.
Stephanie Moritz, senior director of public relations and social media at ConAgra told the New York Times that ConAgra hoped
Today, Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against two chemical companies and their PR firms for hiring private investigators to steal documents from Greenpeace, tap our phones, and hack into our computers.
Bazzel Baz is a former CIA agent who takes on the most impossible cases. And he doesn't charge the heartsick family of the missing a penny.