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"He fearlessly confronted the federal government head on and beat the Department of Justice."
"The Department of Justice didn't get the message from Congress and the president, but today they got the message from the
Following the raid, the Department of Justice charged each defendant with multiple felonies, including manufacturing, possession
The family has said the firearms charge is included because they keep several guns at the house for hunting and defense. But
I’ve got a nice place, I just wanted to enjoy my retirement, but they’re not letting me. They’re treating me like a criminal
A Washington man who, like his family, faces years in prison if convicted in a high-profile federal case over growing marijuana
Despite repeated public declarations by the Obama administration that it isn't targeting patients growing for their own personal use, the Department of Justice continues to aggressively go after people who are in full compliance with their state's medical marijuana law.
A family of medical marijuana patients in Washington state will not be able to defend themselves against drug trafficking
Jason Zucker playing with his daughter the evening of the pre-trial hearing. "For Larry, if he goes to prison, because of