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"He fearlessly confronted the federal government head on and beat the Department of Justice."
Still, the U.S. Justice Department has offered guidance to federal prosecutors urging them to refrain from targeting state
U.S. District Court Judge Thomas O. Rice, however, rejected the motion earlier this month. At issue in the case is a historic
Rice disagreed and rejected the motion last week in Spokane. The Harvey family's trial is slated to begin next week. All
I just hope I can beat this cancer and live a little longer. I'm 71, I've got a few good years in me after I get rid of this
The measure in question is meant to "prevent" the federal government from interfering with states "implementing" their own
Despite repeated public declarations by the Obama administration that it isn't targeting patients growing for their own personal use, the Department of Justice continues to aggressively go after people who are in full compliance with their state's medical marijuana law.
"One must reasonably conclude that there is an accepted safety for use of marijuana under medical supervision," said a motion
"Larry and I lead a simple life," Rhonda said in her statement Thursday. "We chop down all of our own firewood so we can