Want to get the weight loss benefits of increased mitochondrial function without potentially damaging your metabolism? The
Between that dusty old treadmill, inflatable exercise ball and clunky set of weights, our homes can quickly turn into gym
I can haul ass on a rowing machine, jump rope with this super heavy rope, slam a tire with a sledge hammer, start crying for no particular reason, and then gallantly swing a kettlebell around like a frigging professional discus thrower, all within the course of 20 minutes.
According to medical studies, our efforts to alter the workplace to avoid back pain have been scrutinized by evidence-based medicine and found to be largely ineffective. The reason is because the causes of back pain are so varied person to person.
By Life by DailyBurn Not sure how to get started with kettlebell training? These weighted bells might be intimidating at
The fix: Try doing your kettlebell workouts in minimalist shoes (or barefoot if you have the strength). Storey jokingly calls
Have you ever walked into the gym and asked yourself, "Where the ____ do I begin?" (I'll allow you to fill in the blank.) Trust me, I have. But working out doesn't have to stress you out. Here are five often overlooked exercises that you should be doing to maximize results.
"The class definitely got me sweating, but I also wasn't behind. It was encouraging and challenging, which was a pleasant surprise as I'll admit to being a bit intimidated by the idea of kettlebells."
By Joe Vennare for U.S. News Health And, that's not all. The asymmetrical design of the weight makes kettlebell training
The fitness industry is a lot like fashion, where old trends come back into vogue but usually with a updated twist. If it's tried and true, and there's research to back it up, it will be back or here to stay.
If yoga-based cross-training can help athletes achieve physical balance, then does the same hold true for a yoga practitioner? Can supplementing the time we spend on the mat with strength and cardiovascular training help us optimize health?
"There are hundreds of movements," said Kleidman. "Swing it, bring it to hold, rest it in the crook of your elbow." "It's
Kettlebell training is a great way for women to build lean muscle, says certified kettlebell instructor Mike Pellegrini. Increasing
Humans are fairly good at lots of things -- and extremely good at several things. What are these skills? And what do they have in common?
The TRX and kettlebells are among the most efficient workouts I've tried. They're not for timid exercisers, but they're both completely modifiable for any level of fitness