Sean Hannity's fans are lashing out after companies cut ties with him for appearing to excuse pedophilia in his radio show.
By Eva Hill and Cait Munro Despite the indisputable convenience of the Keurig, the ubiquitous one-cup coffeemaker has received
Colombian...French chocolate...You'll run just about anything through your beloved Keurig. But how often do you clean that sucker? What's that? Never?
Few products illustrate the high price of convenience like K-Cups. There's no easier or faster way to get a hot cup of coffee
The lasting negative effects haven't gone unnoticed by Keurig. The company has said that it aims to make all K-cups recyclable
I believe responsible coffee lovers would prefer to enjoy their coffee in partnership with those who grow it. I am proposing a compensation of only 10 cents from each cup of coffee sold in the industrialized world to help eradicate poverty in all coffee growing regions in one generation.
More than half of the machines came back with bacteria counts in the millions, CBS Pittsburgh reports. A Keurig spokeswoman
Stoners, rejoice -- cannabis single-serve pods are finally here to elevate your coffee cup wake and bake. Recreational weed
Visit the Atlantic to read the full piece, titled "A Brewing Problem." If your morning routine involves popping a pod into
Your Keurig coffee pods have a dirty little secret. Actually, make that a big secret. In 2013, Keurig Green Mountain produced
While I do not *feel* like an artist, I welcome this opportunity to explore my creativity and passion in a (sort of) new medium. It is invigorating to have a chance to use my tenth year of blogging to pursue something entirely fresh and new.
Keurig has received about 90 reports of injuries caused by hot liquid escaping from the machines, the U.S. Consumer Product
Once you get used to the ease and simplicity, there is no going back to anything else.
I have a complicated relationship with my Keurig. It was given to us at Christmas by my husband's children. I'd never seen anything like it before, which made them laugh hysterically (as it did half my friends).