Kevin de Leon

“Where did all this horror begin?” the California progressive asks.
Progressives backed the incumbent's challenger, Kevin de León, in November's Senate election.
Her rival, fellow Democrat Kevin de León, called it “an astounding rejection of politics as usual."
If they'd had hearings on the bill, they might have seen this coming.
More than 100 women have come forward with stories of being harassed while working in politics in the state.
California Democratic state Senate President Kevin de León is running to unseat the Democratic incumbent.
With all the boundless coverage of the 2016 Presidential Super Bowl battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we know the last thing you want to think about is the 2018 election. But the cold hard reality is that there's another election cycle coming down the pike, and it'll be here before we know it.
Governor Jerry Brown avoided his characteristic quipsmanship as he signed California's nation-leading minimum wage hike into law on Monday morning in downtown LA.
The new law will boost paychecks for millions of California workers. More than 40% of California workers earn less than $15 dollars an hour. By putting more money in people's pockets, the pay increase will improve the economy by increasing consumer spending in businesses throughout the state.
The uproar over the California Coastal Commission's firing of its executive director may be misguided.
Once the cheering, perhaps as much a matter of relief for at last having the beginnings of a real agreement as anything else, dies down, a process of years-long pressuring, prodding, chivvying, and inspiring will take place. Or, perhaps better put, it had damn well better take place if this planet is going to remain habitable for humanity.
As long as people are using oil -- and even with Brown's target of cutting use in half by 2030, we'll be using a lot of oil -- why not have California reap the economic rewards?
California state Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon recently announced a new electric vehicle car-sharing grant for the City of Los Angeles that will make zero emission driving available to low-income residents.
For weeks there were signs of a potential California budget fight between Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic legislators, with the press spinning it up a bit. The Legislative Analyst Office was estimating billions more in revenue than the Brown administration.
Instead of partying in La Jolla, senators would instead spend the weekend in their districts, "having an open and public
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