Kevin Durant

NBA followers reacted to the jaw-dropping news on Twitter.
"I'm hurting deeply, but I'm OK," the star forward said of his devastating Game 5 injury.
The star forward, who had been out for a month with a calf strain, returned to play in the NBA Finals Game 5 and apparently hurt his Achilles.
"My only concern tonight is your well being," the Toronto rapper wrote on Instagram.
Toronto players defend hobbling Golden State star as fans jeer his injury in Game 5.
Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant got sweet revenge on the trash-talking, Raptors-loving rapper, who'd trolled the visitors in the previous game.
Kevin Durant, Paul George and Joel Embiid were among the players to fire back at fans' insulting messages in the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" segment.
Kevin Durant was named Finals MVP for the second year in a row.
"It's bigger than winning and losing," Warriors star Kevin Durant said.
They skipped their meeting with the president to focus on the good that sports can do.
The Cleveland Cavaliers star's shoes had the words "More Than An Athlete" emblazoned on them.
The Cleveland Cavaliers star said he will “talk about what’s really important” when it comes to the state of race relations in America.
NBA star LeBron James is sending a message about President Donald Trump: he doesn’t “give a f*ck about the people.”
“It’s not even a surprise when he says something. It’s, like, laughable,” the NBA star says.
It's as if the Golden State Warriors star is walking on air.