Kevin Johnson

About 175,000 employees are expected to participate in the four-hour training sessions.
The new policy was unveiled weeks after the controversial arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks.
Two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia cafe last week while waiting for a friend to arrive.
"He reacted like most people do when attacked by an unknown object," said an aide to the former NBA star.
Looking into the future of American corrections, I present a question to both myself and others: If not solitary confinement, then what? For the most part there is no good answer in the current model of coercive rule.
"It was an incredibly difficult choice, but one that I feel confident about."
Andrew Young wants you not to worry. Despite humankind's failure to solve the problems of poverty, racism and inequality, and the smaller issues that cause us to despair, Young tells his listeners that a benevolent creator has everything under control.
TVA: Since being elected mayor of Sacramento in 2008, your mission has been to make Sacramento "a city that works for everyone." What does that mean in practice?
The group, which launched in 2006, was largely funded out of Bloomberg's personal fortune. (Reporting By Edith Honan; Editing
The NBA Board of Governors is expected to meet within the next two weeks to vote on forcing a sale of the team. "I think