kevin love

The NBA player's refreshing attitude and advocacy is needed in the sports world — and beyond it.
"Having the courage to be upfront with this kind of thing has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced," the NBA star said.
Kevin Love of the Cavaliers wants men to know that it's OK to talk about mental health.
"I didn’t want to be the guy who was searching for someone to hug."
The problem for the Cavs is that their personnel can't match up defensively with the Warriors because they insist on playing Kyrie (38 min) and Kevin Love (37 min) -- heavy minutes. And the Warriors are incredibly disciplined about punishing bad defenders.
What most people don't know is that LeBron wasn't Warner Brothers' first choice for the lead of Space Jam 2. In fact, he was pretty far down the list of NBA stars that were envisioned for the role.
Despite the excitement over the Tyronn Lue hire, Cleveland has limped to an 11-6 record under its new head coach.