Kevin Miller

The CRTC is not only potentially jeopardizing our broadcast deal, but also by taking money away from a Canadian producer merely because we didn't quite tick off the right number of boxes on their checklist. No dialogue, no compromise, no grace.
God is love, but love is not God. Oft-vilified Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle has been riding this pony for a while now.
Political Director to Russell Simmons and co-president of Michael Skolnik recently spoke with us about gun
On a practical peacebuilding level, where pseudo-religious loyalties are a factor, the film deftly underscores the influence of shallow, self-serving, destructive End Times ideologies on one's behavior.
Hell: it's not just for church anymore. It's in TV, video games, even food branding. Filmmaker Kevin Miller explores our
You have to wonder what's wrong with a "Christian" publication so attached to hell that they have to smear a great new movie -- even lie about it -- to make a pro-hell point.
With friends like this, God needs no enemies. People "defending" God have completely screwed up America and our politics.
We have a lot of Christians trying to save us from eternal, horrifying hell, and Kevin Miller is trying to save Christians from that perspective. But more than hoping for change, he took thoughtful, artistic action and has created something fascinating.
When we demonize the "other," even in the name of reason, we open the door to a world of zero sum redemption where one person's gain is another person's humiliating loss.