Kevin O'Leary

The businessman said his wife was operating their boat when it collided with another vessel that then fled.
A demanding boss and a high school crush taught Kevin O'Leary one powerful lesson early on in his life.
This year's Art Southampton will feature over 70 prominent international galleries and showcase tens of millions of dollars' worth of some of the finest museum quality art, sculpture and photography from the 20th and 21st centuries.
It takes years of hard work, vision, determination, and unbridled passion to be a successful business owner. While many entrepreneurs are aware of that, the one key element many must brush up on is the underlying financials of the business, especially if you're trying to bring new investors on board.
On Monday the countdown began - four days until Friday, three days, and so on. At the age of 27, being this unfulfilled was no way to live and so I did what they tell you never to do. I quit. And here's why.
"Irreconcilable Images," the current exhibition of photographic images by Kevin O'Leary at Arcature Fine Art in Palm Beach, is a memorable event that examines the curious aesthetic merits of places and people that often display an inherent incompatibility.
Kevin O'Leary explains why he is still investing in China.
At this watershed moment in American politics, could Obama's State of the Union call to Americans to bring our better self into politics be a coded call to women? After all, who is the one men usually refer to when they refer to "my better self?"
FYI, investor Kevin O'Leary said he would "never" invest in the Noodle Guard.