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Saturday, Feb. 7, was the third time I saw Joe Assadourian's The Bullpen, which addresses Assadourian's encounter with the New York criminal justice system. On this occasion, three of the Central Park Five were in attendance. Would they find humor in Assadourian's performance after being vilified by the media and unjustly incarcerated?
"But it still doesn't take away what we went through and all the obstacles we had to overcome," he added. Days later, New
After the stigma, the pain for their families, and all these years of being labeled rapists, these five young men can begin to put the terrible ordeal in the past, an ordeal that tagged them and scarred them for life.
There's no way that the lions in the video above can know the extent of Richardson's advocacy for them, but it's clear that
Lions are not officially listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, even though their
Self-trained animal behaviorist and lion whisperer Kevin Richardson has some unorthodox practices for dealing with large predators like these lions.
Self-trained animal behaviorist and lion whisperer Kevin Richardson has some unorthodox practices for dealing with large
Special delivery! Another Richardson boy... At 3:05am Wednesday morning (7/10/13), Maxwell Haze Richardson decided to join
Congratulations to Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and wife Kristin, who are expecting their second child. The 41-year-old
As New York City continues to deny the Central Park Five compensation for six to 13 years each served in prison, denial of any wrongdoing and the racist injustice of the criminal justice system within this case is actually a continued disservice to all black and Latino men.
The Backstreet Boys were being photographed by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, who posted the video and tweeted this
The actual assailant, who confessed years later and whose DNA confirmed his story, was never in the sights of the police and prosecutors. Sadly, people remember the hysteria of the conviction campaign and often don't even realize that the lynch-mob mentality got the wrong guys.
In other boy band news, 98 Degrees is officially reuniting for just one night (una noche). 98 Degrees -- Nick Lachey, his
Dr. Phil seemed impressed by Carter's story of redemption, and asked him if he'd ever considered writing a self-help book
Two 400-pound (180-kilogram) lions wrestled him to the ground and a lioness jumped on his back, covering Richardson for a
By 9pm, the crowd had reached a critical mass of frenzied insanity, chanting "Backstreet Boys" and intermittently screaming
And yet, as I attempted to skeptically judge these die-hard fans and their obsessive, slightly time-warped mentality, I was
We cowered behind the fence, fearing that our day filming with the famed "lion whisperer" of South Africa was about to come
Take heart this Valentine's Day. My 2009 "Cost of Loving Index" notes that the price of romance is up 29 percent and matches the 29 percent "Cost of Living Index" increase in the decade from 1999 to 2009. Isn't it romantic?