Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd said the coronavirus pandemic has laid bare what Trump's "America First" policy means in a time of crisis.
The core of global action on climate is the Paris accords, which, for the first time in human history, got all the representatives
NEW YORK -- The international community needs a strong United Nations more than ever before. But rarely has the U.N. been weaker.
MELBOURNE, Australia -- Unless there is at least one institution, such as the church, dedicated to posing the ethical dilemmas present in the public policy debate, there is a grave danger that these debates automatically become subsumed by the pragmatic considerations of politics.
However imperfect the current order might be, strengthening that order is better than no order at all. Better also to have a common strategic purpose with the United States than none at all, thus further running the risk of long-term and potentially irreparable strategic drift.
Many in China perceive that the United States has not, and never will, accept the fundamental political legitimacy of the Chinese administration because it is not a liberal democracy. There is also a deeply held, deeply "realist" Chinese conclusion that the U.S. will never willingly concede its status as the pre-eminent regional and global power, and will do everything within its power to retain that position.
The big risk is that neither side will be willing to make concessions, because each expects the other to blink first. That leads straight to escalating rivalry and an ever-higher risk of war.
Nested in the hills of the Hudson Valley, a group of men took the stage to talk about what it means to be a man. The conversation continued throughout the weekend and was the first time men were invited to the annual conference Women and Power.
Can the West work with China's President Xi Jinping to fight climate change and improve global prosperity? Or, is China destined
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Should a leader falter -- drop their guard to reveal a candid glimpse of themselves which is contrary to their public persona -- there will be a keen observer, willing to share their observations with a ready audience.
In this case, it's the Australian elections. Conservative Tony Abbott led his Liberal-National coalition to a smashing victory over Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Saturday, leaving the Labor Party at a 100-year electoral low point.
What do you do when you're a politician live on television and a pastor who is against marriage equality asks you why you
Kevin Rudd's response to a Christian pastor's question about homosexuality has been well received amongst his supporters.
Marc discusses the tremendous lengths Syrian refugees are going to in order to track down missing loved ones.
Support for same-sex marriage in Australia has steadily gained traction this year with a July Parliamentary Inquiry finding
With this tragic incident in mind, I can fully understand former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer's advice that tourists should think twice about going to the U.S.
Both Gillard and Rudd voted no in the September ballot but Rudd, a Christian, has since changed his position. "Frankly, in
Rudd has responded to the Murdoch push against him with a heavy reliance on social media, including announcing the start