Kevin Ware

From the Super Bowl to March Madness, the Masters or the World Series and the World Cup, the sports world is cyclical. Seems we are always waiting eagerly on the edge of our seats (be them of the living room or arena variety) for the next big event.
The Louisville guard -- who suffered a gruesome leg injury during the 2013 NCAA Tournament -- told ESPN in a recent interview
Nearly six months after suffering a horrifying leg injury in an NCAA Tournament game against Duke, the junior was videotaped
The Louisville guard who suffered a horrific leg fracture during the NCAA Tournament visited 14-year-old Brianna Boel in
@arice2trey october — Kevin Ware (@_billionairebev) June 1, 2013 Kevin Ware's road to recovery hit a new milestone. Over
This is my last tweet. All the support from fans was well appreciated but its a team rule. Losers like tmz is a prime example
After watching his Louisville teammates outlast Michigan win the national championship from the bench, Kevin Ware got to
Will the clock strike midnight for the No. 9 Wichita State Shockers? Louisville, the top overall seed in the NCAA Tournament
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As Kevin Ware suffered the injury, the outcome of the NCAA tournament might've shifted on its axis.
Somewhere in this terrible moment I thought about manhood, how it is often defined in our society. And how these players were openly rejecting what many of us had been taught since we were boys: That men do not cry.
We'll eventually hear Kevin Ware's version of the injury, but from experience I know that on impact his brain and body instantly coursed with the hormone epinephrine which elicits the classic fight or flight response, intense focus, and often masks or dulls the initial searing pain.
"My full recovery I want to say," Ware said when asked what is his biggest concern at the moment. "When I'm by myself just
"The doctors here have been tremendous. The hospital has been tremendous. And the operated right away on him. He's not in
Louisviile guard Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome leg injury while playing against Duke for entry into the NCAA Tournament's Final Four. HuffPost Sports Editor Chris Greenberg and Donald Wine join Marc to discuss.
With the sophomore who attended high school near Atlanta in agony near the Louisville bench, some of his teammates fell to