Kevyn Orr

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio expressed similar concerns in December while addressing the non-indictment of NYPD Officer
Orr gets it. He went after pension debt, the city's biggest foe, and is now winning that fight. Simply put, his continued focus on pension reform is the solution that Detroit needs. With that said, Detroit still faces a long, up-hill climb.
Parking is not a profit engine. It is a service that should help local retailers, restaurants, and other businesses. It's a way to cycle traffic through and keep neighborhoods moving.
Detroit is a city being looted and stripped bare. If we decide that those who are weak and vulnerable will be sacrificed to protect the wealthy and the powerful, then no one is safe.
Why did Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr rush through a settlement that even the bankruptcy court found to be fundamentally out of balance while simultaneously pounding away at the public employee pensions?
When a federal bankruptcy judge ruled that municipal pensions are vulnerable under federal bankruptcy law, no one was surprised. Little about life in 21st-century America prepares anyone to expect a judge to stand up for public pensions.
“Every transaction -- including this one -- that the city has entered into in connection with these swaps … has been with
“I feel like we have lost our democracy,” said Gail Craig, 57, of Detroit, a General Motors consultant. “I know a lot of
Sadly, Governor Snyder's bankruptcy plan seems more about weakening unions and protecting corporate subsidies and tax breaks than it does about shoring up Motown for the long haul.
For many young women, blight can represent a different kind of danger. Alyssia Akers, a Detroiter who just graduated high
Will the Detroit Institute of Arts' art collection really be privatized to pay the city's debts, or is the whole thing just a political gambit?
What could be more fitting than to use the DIA's collection to save the collection, to help save Detroit and to put politicians on notice that art matters?
Orr spokesman Bill Nowling told The Huffington Post the city is working to improve collection and accounting. Detroit, which
The message we're sending other cities as well as our own citizens is it's OK to mismanage all of your money because the government will come riding in on the white horse to save you.
The city, which owns the DIA collection, and its creditors are discussing ways to restructure $18 billion in debt and unfunded
"I think a lot of Detroit residents will be very happy to see me go," he said. Still, he is not concerned for his safety
DETROIT/NEW YORK, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Detroit's creditors are trying persuade the city's emergency manager to restructure some
(Corrects day of week to Wednesday, not Tuesday) DETROIT, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Detroit's state-appointed emergency manager said
UPDATE: 5:00 p.m. -- The DIA released a statement Monday afternoon in response to reports that Kevyn Orr had contracted Christie's
A community is made up of much more than just dollars and cents. Don't get me wrong: Detroit must make hard financial decisions. There's no way to hide from them or put them off any longer. But don't sell the soul of the community in the process.