key and peele

Keegan-Michael Key reveals that the original plan for the show was completely different.
Parodying Trump, Keegan-Michael Key would've played "anti-Luther," the opposite of Obama's anger translator.
"Keanu," their first big-screen collaboration, opens this weekend.
Did you know that people are more likely to post a picture of a cat online than any other animal? And the average Buzzfeed cat video earns 9,000 views?
This week Brian and I discuss a whole host of new and upcoming release, including Disney's box office behemoth The Jungle Book, the Kevin Costner action thriller Criminal, and Universal's sequel/spin-off The Huntsman: Winter's War.
Mike Birbiglia and Andre Royo were two of the festival's stars.
Pee-wee Herman, "Star Wars" and more are invading Texas this week.
Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele just proved a politician can have a sense of humor.
"You just cannot eat the ball at this level of play."