The FBI set off warning bells about Lee Harvey Oswald the month before President John F. Kennedy's killing.
“An unknown person entered the reception of the FSB’s Khabarovsk regional branch and started shooting."
Who was that certain someone who made Hayden the director of the NSA? Bill Clinton. Yes, there was more damaging intel on
In 2000, after I helped Arianna Huffington put on the Shadow Conventions opposite the Republican and Democratic national
What left field did this second thunderclap of an announcement come from? Well, a separate investigation touching very much
An informal Russian source confirms the obvious, without acknowledging the role of his nation. The Kremlin's leaders want
In a close election, and, barring some big mistakes by Trump, this is a close election, any significant drop-off could be fatal to Clinton chances.
The Palestinian government denied that Abbas had been a Soviet spy, and accused Israel of “waging a smear campaign” aimed at derailing efforts to revive peace negotiations that collapsed in 2014.
By which I mean her entire e-mail archive as United States secretary of state, which basically tells an analyst what she
Of course, our intelligence services spy on the Russians and many others around the world. And the Kremlin would say that
Well, he's really done it this time, hasn't he?
SPLIT, Croatia -- A "Manchurian candidate" Trump may or may not be, but there is no doubt he is extraordinarily disruptive and unpredictable. He already has American allies around the world nervously making plans in case he's elected.
I had not even reported to the German Affairs Office, when I got a telephone call. The telephone caller said, "Would you
If history is any indication, this would not be the first time Mr. Putin has used a military drawdown to resolve a deadlocked political scene such as the one in Syria.
Liberation theology arose in the mid-1950s--before the supposed KGB program began--when priests in rightwing Latin American
The Russian president had to be ready to draw his weapon at a moment's notice.