khizr khan

"It’s all about business with Donald Trump and his family. They have no idea what service and sacrifice is," the Gold Star dad said.
"The View" co-host told the president's son, "You and your family have hurt a lot of people," and asked, "Does all of this make you feel good?"
The Gold Star father also suggested someone should read the late Arizona senator's book to Trump.
Khan said "the same hate" that sparked the New Zealand shooting also prompted the Charleston and Pittsburgh shootings.
“We should embrace one another, we should move forward, we should not try to re-create the 1940s, 1930s,” the Gold Star father says.
"This office has not dignified him ― he has in fact undignified the office.”
The Gold Star parents weigh in on the president's controversial comments about consoling the families of fallen service members.
The father of a slain Iraq War veteran gave a stirring speech against Trump at last year's Democratic convention.
They say Tom Perriello will resist President Donald Trump.
The Gold Star father is "disheartened" by the GOP response but still has hope.