khmer rouge

Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan were sentenced to life in prison.
A friend of mine told me that he had recently met a Vietnamese man driving a tuk tuk in the streets of Phnom Penh. I didn’t
"Every country has a right to protect their country, but think about our past."
These men have served their sentences and were leading otherwise regular lives with spouses, children, and jobs when they were detained.
After each performance, the cast conducted workshops with youth from 
the camp who were eager to learn skills in circus and
A U.N. envoy said the decision sent a message to leaders in North Korea and elsewhere.
In Cambodia, the U.N.-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal hears from survivors of forced marriage, but critics say the court should
Fast forward 15 years later and I was the publisher and co-owner of a group of weekly newspapers in Manhattan. I had an idea
Think of what, for example, Cambodia, Rwanda, and Mali could learn from each other in deploying culture to help recovery from conflict. These countries all understand the value of culture in fostering peace, harmony, and economic development.
An interview with reporter Corinne Purtill about an extraordinary community.
Camelot was the court of King Arthur, but it also was term given to the Kennedy White House. The knights in shining armor were of course Jack, Bobby and Teddy, and there were a cast of characters, too.
This is a story about a man named Koky Saly. A pretty incredible man with a story that needs to be told. It's a story about overcoming obstacles, the kinds of which most of us will not even face in this lifetime.
Perhaps what feeds this genius, this champion of communication and understanding among us, is that he comprehends the power of one. It is a power we often forget -- I know I do -- the ability to change the world, one small, tiny, at times seemingly insignificant action at a time.