3. Criminal and civil attorneys handling corporate investigations should be in routine communication with one another. E
We have to recognize that the more unaffordable health care becomes, the less access to essential care Americans have and the worse their outcomes will be. In order to fix this huge and growing problem, we need to think much more broadly about needed approaches.
That the Government would pursue a physician for taking kickbacks should not come as a surprise; the Department of Justice has recently stepped up its enforcement of the federal Stark Law and Anti-Kickback statutes against individual physicians.
The senator is fighting back against special perks that can encourage financial advisers to push clients into bad investments.
Loopholes are generally not accidental oversights by legislators. No, they are usually more accurately called "kickbacks," tossing money and/or power back to those who were so kind to provide major campaign support.
In a letter sent to Ashton Carter, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) called the latest scam part
Many of the country's largest banks received $6 billion in kickbacks from mortgage insurers over the course of a decade, according
Under the settlement, J&J will enter into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department. J&J units were also
In the past six months a huge fraud concerning manipulation and racketeering in the silver market (and now it seems also gold) looks like the making of a horror film.
Full disclosure of 401(k) fees, while a step in the right direction, will do little to remedy a system that practically insures most Americans will retire, if at all, with a sharply diminished quality of life.