Projects that raise money on the site fear they will lose funders who want nothing to do with Kickstarter.
Workers at the fundraising platform went public with their union campaign in March.
The fundraising campaign is a last-ditch effort to revive
Sir Ian McKellen and George Takei have already voiced support for the incredible project.
Celebrate black women writers and readers at the Well-Read Black Girl Festival.
"We want people from all manner of diverse backgrounds to experience joy."
While 2016 had its ups and downs, the arrival of 2017 brought about new beginnings, with a promise of better things to come
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2. The future is in plant-based technology. Water is a massive industry. Almost everything we do requires it. When it comes
So, this week, as you gather around a table overflowing with food and family and love (and hopefully not too much political discord), start thinking of ways to express how thankful you are to everyone who makes your life a little easier, a little better and a little (or a lot) richer.
Worried about damaging your camera lens? "Every lens model from different manufacturers in the industry is unique, which