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So, this week, as you gather around a table overflowing with food and family and love (and hopefully not too much political discord), start thinking of ways to express how thankful you are to everyone who makes your life a little easier, a little better and a little (or a lot) richer.
We love that players of all ages and all skill levels can play together and still have a great time playing 5 Minute Dungeon
Despite the success and opportunity presented by crowdfunding, the industry still faces multiple challenges. These are at
It's no secret that browsing around offers tons of great lessons about business pitches, marketing, content, investing, and more. It's a plethora of business plans and ideas, and you'll always see examples that show both the good and the bad.
Last week when I read that a relative of the late Andy Warhol was venturing to make Uncle Andy, a documentary about him "from the family's perspective," my imagination was immediately captured.
There is something very SNL sketch-worthy about the "Fahz," a customized vase imprinted with the faces of those you love
Here's a weird one to bust out at your next dinner party.
One of the hardest parts of the writing process is getting honest feedback. Close friends and family think nothing of lying in order to spare your feelings about as little as a poem. So they'll sooner tell you that your baby is ugly than that they didn't like the manuscript you've agonized over for two years.
I'm continually engulfed in modern day life with beeps, vibrations, commercials, news feeds -- a variety of attacks on all my senses. Yet, silence's mystifying self still delicately reaches for my curious heart.
Two sisters Jessica and Jennica Carmona teamed up to film the coming of age story of Millie -- a young Latina struggling in El Barrio who is mentored by a former Young Lord Mateo to uplift herself and fight for social justice.
The track list of "Reign" skews toward, if not technically one-hit wonders, artists whose greatest popularity was concentrated in a brief timespan, and the song selections tend toward those which will likely get first mention in their originators' obituaries
Read an email regarding the hack from Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler to the site's members below: Kickstarter "strongly
Definitely. Sometimes when you're told you can't do something, your resolve only gets greater so that you can do it. Competitive
"Being dyslexic, one thing always stood out," Sam Barclay explains in his Kickstarter video. "The available help was always aimed at making me read better. Very little effort was made to help the people around me understand what it feels like to struggle with reading."
We can't wait for these food products to hit shelves.
Hint: Mario and Luigi would approve of this accessory.
LOOK: Alyson Palmer and her daughter, Ruby Momma Love will come out at a time when arguments over a mom’s role -- her needs
For some, the problem lies in that the project appears to violate Kickstarter's own guidelines, which specify that campaigns
Last year, road tripper Greg Mountenay also tried to see as many of his 1,200 Facebook friends as possible. According to