kidney disease

Twitter users offer the president a free biology lesson after his latest bizarre gaffe.
Bill Cosby’s daughter, Ensa Cosby, died from a chronic kidney disease.
And by "total disruption," we mean making sure workers have time to clean the machines between patients.
If you have seen recent articles about life expectancy declining in the U.S. for the first time in 20 years, one thing might
For more information about kidney disease, visit Potassium is a normal chemical in the body that is important
Laurie David David is a 24-year-old musician diagnosed with kidney failure. He found out he would need dialysis treatments
This is a touchy subject. It is automatically assumed that when a friend, relative, or loved one is stricken with an illness
Kidney diseases disproportionately affect minority populations. African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, and Native
How's this for a 'Why didn't I think of this?' idea?
What ever happened to being honest and fair? Yes, people are dying who need organs, but living organ donors are people, too. Recent movements to encourage living organ donation are misdirected. What living organ donors need is a safety net.
Treating organ donation like a market exchange raises troubling questions. This is why pilots need to be carefully designed. But given the death toll, it would be almost criminal not to test every possible ethical solution.
Women are more likely than men to get kidney disease. But while already living with this potentially debilitating illness, women face additional physiological challenges related to their sex.
Fish oil is one of the most popular dietary supplements purchased by pet owners for their pets. It has many health benefits
Information was collected from veterinarians on approximately 5,500 pet dogs across 10 popular breeds throughout the U.S., using body condition scores for neutered male and spayed female dogs between 6.5 and 8.5 years of age.