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Donating my left kidney to my husband in 2012 is one of the best things I've ever done in my life. It is incredibly empowering and gratifying to save the life of the man you love and watch him regain his vitality. And being a donor hasn't hindered my life in any way -- it's only enhanced it.
Donors also have to consider missing work, child care costs and whether their jobs will wait for them.
Bryan and I still to do all of the things we love, like hiking, camping and traveling, and have grown even closer since his transplant.
My husband and I have a very special date approaching: our second "transplantiversary." I was lucky to be able to donate a kidney to him on July 20, 2012, about a month before I turned 40.
"He has given her more than just the gift of life. He’s an amazing man, we owe him so much," Alya's father told the outlet
It's a special day for me, because I've seen firsthand the ways a kidney transplant can change a person's life -- I was able to donate my left kidney to my husband Bryan in 2012. How many couples get a wedding anniversary and a "transplantiversary?"
“I have a wife and two beautiful daughters that I hope [to] spend many more years with,” Martinez wrote on a Facebook page
Today, Donate Life America celebrates National Donate Life Blue and Green Day to inspire people to register as organ donors. Giving the Gift of Life, as organ donation is called, has had a profound effect on my own life.
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I come to this discussion with a point of view that not too many have. An exceedingly personal point of view. I donated a kidney 8 weeks ago.