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The singer teared up while being interviewed with her best friend and kidney donor.
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Six months ago today at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, I donated my kidney to a stranger, and kicked off a chain of at
Almost everyone seemed surprised that I would give a kidney to a friend that wasn’t a family member.
In spite of the television debate and our own defenses of our preferred candidates, we left the debate both unchanged in
MM Recipient and donor screening I began to understand the transplantation roadmap. The recipient and the donor have to be
This is a touchy subject. It is automatically assumed that when a friend, relative, or loved one is stricken with an illness
What ever happened to being honest and fair? Yes, people are dying who need organs, but living organ donors are people, too. Recent movements to encourage living organ donation are misdirected. What living organ donors need is a safety net.
Treating organ donation like a market exchange raises troubling questions. This is why pilots need to be carefully designed. But given the death toll, it would be almost criminal not to test every possible ethical solution.
The Facts: On average, 22 people die a day, waiting for a transplant. Over 100,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant