kids and pets

Sometimes, you have to let go.
Seven-year-old Julian, his two Newfoundland dogs and Arabian horse have attracted over 113,000 Instagram followers.
To help support a children's book to help kids cope with celiac disease and food allergies, visit
Having grown up in "a household where dogs were treated like family members," the photographer believes that close relationships
When a horse carries your child, who feels small and powerless, his very movement relaxes your child and restores control through action. And when riding his horse, your child can find a safe place of unconditional acceptance and love with his best friend and therapist... his horse.
It's taken me almost the full year and a half since our photos of Theo and Beau went viral to completely process what has transpired.
And the childhood pet owners who showed a lesser degree of attachment were more likely to justify eating meat in a direct
I remember the value of pets, minus the fleas, yet once I had my own family I could not manage to bring one into our home -- until last year. That's when Ginger, a dark-eyed rodent, came to stay.
early #SFGiants indoctrination for even the fur baby. T-Bone fell asleep on the couch watching football. I swear he is part
And horsing around when they're awake: On her blog, she adds that she hopes to use the project to give back. "Time will tell
I was cool with the job change and the Caribbean excursion. But a dog? I'd been fighting this for years.
We say: Nuff 'said. At the moment, the photo has not gotten close to its goal of 100,000 likes. Perhaps strangers are more
Title: "How To Raise Some Cats" The assignment: Wyatt's teacher told him to write a descriptive story. Has your child drawn
Attention, kids who are trying to convince their parents to get a dog: this video might be your secret weapon. It proves
"Can Fido and Whiskers enrich children’s lives?" a New York Times blogger asked recently. For plenty of pet-owning parents
Sam and Stan were good friends, with a relationship dating all the way back to kindergarten. Stan was a hamster born in Sam's classroom during Sam's first year in school.
THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SENT IN THESE GREAT PICS! A couple days ago we posted a photograph of a little girl holding a kitten