The Halloween costume industry is really confused about a lot of things. They aren't sure what pumpkins are and they've definitely
As a parent, you don't have much of a choice about participating in Halloween. The National Retail Federation estimates that
3. Think thrift. Thrift stores are great resources for costumes and a way to sidestep consumerism in a quick and easy way
If this kid comes to your front door, just give him all the candy and turn your front porch light off. Halloween is DONE
It’s no secret that American families embrace Halloween with open arms. A recent survey from the National Retail Federation
As promised, we've been rolling out all the funniest, most inappropriate, and now cutest and weirdest kids' costumes for
We laughed so hard at the pictures you sent us of your costumed tots that we couldn't wait to celebrate them! If you want
It's that time of year again, and while we recently passed on 15 funny ideas for adult costumes, we thought we'd share some