kids eating

1. Babies don’t have breakfast, lunch and dinner times. They have food spilling, stealing and throwing times. And those are
(Reuters Health) - Watching videos of kids eating vegetables may encourage small children to follow suit, a new study suggests
Yeah, I knew how to put food in my mouth and chew and swallow before she came along 18 months ago, but now I feel like I really understand what it means to be a mindful and intuitive eater, just by observing her.
  Spitting out and throwing foods they don't like, talking with their mouths full and generally just making a huge mess -- these
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream zzzzzzzzzz. Which is better: sleep or ice cream? This enterprising tyke has figured out how to have both at the same time. A video of the impressive feat shows the unnamed child, strapped into a car seat, alternating between nibbling on a waffle cone and dozing off into that exact same cone.