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Max and Ruby This post originally appeared on Sammiches and Psych Meds. Dora Caillou When a concerned neighbor witnesses
Little House on the Prairie taught me about living on a farm in the 1800's. It also taught this big-haired '80s girl that good hair has always been important, even for Pa back in Walnut Grove.
Say hello to the new and improved "Teletubbies." The show that gave more than a few of us nightmares in our youth is coming
People tend to watch children's television at two very different points in their lives -- first as kids, and then again as
Bright colors, catchy music, repetitive motions. These are the ingredients for a solid children's TV show, destined to entice
Earlier this year, I heard about the Bechdel test. It wasn't long before I started thinking about the shows my kids watch and wondering how they would perform on a modified version of it.
Parents have always shared some of their favorite childhood activities with their kids, but before Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services became so easy to access, watching favorite old TV shows was tricky (or expensive).
We all fondly remember the TV shows we watched as children. Whether it was Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, Peanuts, or Spongebob
Every Sunday at 11.30am Germany's fathers sit down with their young children and watch a blue cartoon bear, an ursine mariner