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The network is also eyeing a legal series that incorporates the show's real-time format.
9. They are great lovers. Sagittarius is a fire sign with boundless energy. They are passionate and often channel their energy
"This wedding that was supposed to be something between the two of us became something so big.”
If some television dramas scramble to ensure they have enough plot, Designated Survivor could run for a decade and never
"At least at the beginning of his term." "Few things could be worse than this job for what could happen to their family," says
Glaze Fire is prepping for month full of fun Halloween activities at its studio It's fortuitous to be surrounded by brilliant
Peter Sollett's Freeheld was, for me, the find of the day -- an intensely emotional film based on a true story that could easily win Julianne Moore her second Oscar in a row (and, perhaps, earn a nomination for the terrific Michael Shannon).
At 53, a rather perilous age for an action star, Cruise shows no sign of slowing down. If anything, he's doubled down on the spectacular and daring-looking personal stunts.
Jamie McShane's mug is about to be plastered all over your Netflix screen, but you probably already recognize him because he's from Jersey, and you know, so am I.
Loudon Wainwright: "It's hard to be objective about oneself. I don't know what's different, it doesn't feel like anything has changed in the 40 years that I've been writing songs."
Prinze's "24" stint in 2010 was his last credit until the 2012 TV movie "Happy Valley," save for a single episode of "Psych
Given that the show had seemed near played out when it ended its eight-season run four years ago, the question is why the longest-running espionage TV series in history seems still to have a lot of life left in it 13 years after it first ran.
It's true there were some high expectations since the previous season eight ended in 2010. And season eight ended with modest ratings.
Theologian Jürgen Moltmann adds insight in The Spirit of Life, writing, "... believers and apostles talk extensively about
While Strahovski hints that the audience will have "an opportunity to see Kate's softer side" in upcoming episodes, she doesn't
Someone else is after Jack Bauer. The human rights organization Amnesty International launched the "Stop Torture" campaign
Jack Bauer of 24 is back. And for those fans who may not know, it was a year ago that I stated my wish list of characters that I've wanted back, too.