killer bees

Most of the time I have no idea why I feel anxious. No idea why my brain is trying to prep my body for flight. The more effort I put into getting to the roots of that creeping briar, the deeper they dig, and the faster it grows.
In November 1995 I was on an anti-poaching patrol in the Zambezi Valley on the Zambian side of the river. I was carrying my .375 H&H and leading as it was a dangerous game area so the immediate threat was bumping into lion, buffalo, elephant or other beasties.
Bee attack in Douglas leaves one man dead & another critically injured. The hive is believed to contain 800,000 bees.
How has the introduction of this species shaped our relationship with bees, our perceptions of the honey bee, and our ecology? What might future bee populations look like, and how might that affect agriculture? But why, really, are we so afraid of them?
"Do you hear that? It sounds like... buzzing? Run for your life! It's a killer beehive!!" That's what you would be hearing
A swarm of about 30,000 bees attacked a North Texas couple as they exercised their miniature horses, stinging the animals so many times they died.
Killer bees are extremely aggressive and can chase down offending predators -- or humans -- for a quarter of a mile, according
Visit the Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) at It's not the first time bees have killed in South
A nearby lawn crew witnessed the attack and stayed with the victim until paramedics arrived. Gene Lemire, Martin County Mosquito
The partially Africanized hive, which was purchased from an out-of-state dealer, has been "depopulated" (in other words, killed