killer mike

The rapper was arrested mere moments after winning three Grammys earlier this month and charged with misdemeanor battery for a security guard altercation.
The outspoken rapper and activist, whose real name is Michael Render, was arrested moments after winning three awards at the ceremony.
The Atlanta rapper was escorted away from the venue in handcuffs after earning three awards at the ceremony.
The Atlanta rapper took his fans on a spiritual journey on his album “Michael” and crafted his summer tour like a revival at a Southern church.
Killer Mike cozied up with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Senate candidate Herschel Walker allowing legitimacy to their campaigns with the Black community.
"I’m tired of seeing Black men die," declared the Run the Jewels rapper, who called for calm and also slammed Donald Trump as a "dumbass."
The shows you shouldn't have missed but somehow did.
"And here I was thinking you were an intellectual," the MSNBC host fired back on Instagram.
The rapper said the interview was not about the march at all and focused primarily on black gun ownership.