killer mike

"I’m tired of seeing Black men die," declared the Run the Jewels rapper, who called for calm and also slammed Donald Trump as a "dumbass."
The shows you shouldn't have missed but somehow did.
"And here I was thinking you were an intellectual," the MSNBC host fired back on Instagram.
The rapper said the interview was not about the march at all and focused primarily on black gun ownership.
As the world reels from President Trump’s disaster of a press conference earlier today the state of facts are now (somehow
Killer Mike has become a vocal activist in the fight against oppression in all its forms.
“Go find other people and become a part of movements that you don’t lead.”
The musician's name came up in a few emails published on WikiLeaks.
In Neil Gaiman's award-winning novel, American Gods, a fictitious god named Wednesday bemoans the capricious nature of American worship: "This is a bad land for gods ... the old gods are ignored. The new gods are as quickly taken up as they are abandoned, cast aside for the next big thing."
Killer Mike’s push for black people—athletes and entertainers included—to move their money into black-owned banks continues
Between now and March 26, voters who are feeling the Bern in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to prove the pundits wrong by propelling Sanders toward victory in Philadelphia. We need our strongest fighter in the ring this fall. That fighter is Bernie Sanders.
The rapper and activist is supporting Bernie Sanders.
I write this not to defend Killer Mike. Or Sanders' comments on Killer Mike's comments. Or Gloria Steinem's comments. Or Madeleine Albright's. I write this because I'm seeing people whom I admire and respect engaging in behavior that isn't tolerated in pre-school.