killer whale

The "L pod" traveling from the Pacific Northwest included a months-old calf and a female orca in her 90s.
Researchers spotted the mysterious killer whales off the coast of Chile.
Marine mammal expert Regina Eisert said she thinks the whale wanted to share its dinner with her.
A Friday mission to feed the orca failed, but food delivery will be attempted again.
Tahlequah has swum hundreds of miles during her grand act of grief.
It's yet another loss for the Pacific Northwest's starving orca population.
Tilikum, the SeaWorld orca whale profiled in the film ‘Blackfish,’ has died.
The news comes months after SeaWorld announced plans to end its killer whale breeding program.
There is no freedom from their dependence on their human keepers for food. Captivity is a full-time duty that has been forced upon them by humans, and there are never any breaks from it.
“This is one of many examples of what is wrong with captivity."
The tiny Maui's dolphin, whose evolutionary path has out-maneuvered that of the brainiest predator in the ocean - the killer whale - now faces near extinction at the hands of man.
Last month, SeaWorld announced it was suing California authorities over a ban on breeding killer whales after a lawsuit claiming the marine park attraction deceived patrons was dismissed by a federal judge.
Behold the awesome power of Mother Nature's hierarchy.
In July Deron Verbeck , free-diver and award winning underwater photographer, happened upon a group of pilot whales while on a photoshoot with National Geographic. The adult male carried the corpse of a dead baby, and the group swam by in what Deron called a "heavy and heart wrenching scene":
Footage was taken in the waters off Little Barrier Island.
Local fishermen attempted to hunt the killer whale, Murakawa said, "but luckily the poor animal got away." As 14-year-old