Several Carbon Hill city council members and the local Baptist pastor have urged Mayor Mark Chambers to step down.
Nouman Raja now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years and could spend his life in prison for the death of Corey Jones.
After the initial shock of his son's death subsided, Azim realized that there are victims on both sides of the gun.
Saudi Arabia is now saying the United States is interfering in its affairs after the U.S. Senate condemned the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.
Politicians who support these efforts use similar language. Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio
Naila Amin paints a picture of a village near the mountains, of cows lazily ambling through the fields that surround it, of
Amjad Sabri: thanks for being our source of light and our source of hope in these times of darkness. Thank you for being our most honest guide in when we needed you the most; we will always, always remember you and your message.
The instant that a Cincinnati zoo keeper gunned down the silver-backed gorilla, Harambe to save the life of the four-year-old toddler who wandered into his enclosure, the predictable happened. Tens of thousands raged at Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard for defending the killing of the gorilla.
Alejandra Leos, Aniya Parker, Ashley (Michelle) Sherman, Betty Skinner, Gizzy Fowler, Jennifer Laude, Kandy Hall, Brittany
There'll never be unanimous support for and against capital punishment, let alone on the method of how it should be carried
This is a reality for which way too many have already paid for. I have pushed myself to spread the message of higher consciousness
This kind of crime deeply saddens us, but, what's worse, it spreads fear. As ordinary Mexicans, we deserve better. We deserve to see justice delivered. We are not going to be left blinded, silent and in the dark.
With millions witnessing an abundance of publicized killings of unarmed black men by police, along with several racially charged shootings claiming headlines across the country -- the national discourse around racism has expanded to incorporate the need for stronger gun control laws.
The mostly young Wisconsin protesters carried signs calling for "Justice for Tony." Robinson's mother, Andrea Irwin, said
The purpose of terrorism is, of course, to terrorize, and they are succeeding at that. Hundreds of thousands have now fled Iraq and Syria as a result of ISIL's unparalleled violence and mastery of social media. One has to ask: who would be susceptible to their recruitment?
Humans tend to be very resilient and compassionate in the darkest of hours. Mass tragedies reveal the worst and the best that humans contain.