killing kennedy

While I plan on reading O'Reilly's take in Killing Patton, I also expect to find the rehashing of older speculations in a "bold and fresh" O'Reilly-Dugard style. An approach that can once again land O'Reilly -- God bless -- with more books sold, but very little new truth revealed.
"My goal as a composer is to move you; to help you get to where the picture is taking you. If I have to slap you, I'll do that. If I need to hold your hand, I'll do that too."
A first impression goes a long way. That's true with people, and I think it's also true with books. When I'm choosing a new book, once I get past the title and the author, it's the first line--or first few lines--that make the decision for me.
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I can't believe it's been almost a year since I was crowned Miss America 2012. Since last January, I have been on the road almost every day visiting all corners of the country and meeting the most inspiring people.